Beyond Books

Your Library is so much more than books! Find the latest unique additions to our collection here.

Using beyond books materials for photography, hiking, and fishing.

The perfect accessory for camping and birdwatching, you can borrow binoculars from the library for a three-week period.

This 6D DSLR camera is the ideal tool for unlocking your creative vision. It offers full HD experience with manual exposure control, multiple frame rates, and the benefits of a Full-Frame sensor provides stunning performance and creative flexibility.

Using a 6D DSLR Camera

Chromebooks are a type of computer designed to help you get things done faster and easier. They run Chrome OS, an operating system that has cloud storage, and multiple layers of security. They must be checked out and returned at the Public Service desk.

Using a Chromebook

  • Sign in with a Google account, or as a guest by selecting the "Browse as Guest" option
  • Connect the Chromebook to the Internet
    • You can connect the Chromebook to the Library Wi-Fi network when using in-house
    • You can borrow a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot device to connect at home or on the go
  • After logging out, no personal data can be accessed by other users

Our fishing rods are available in sizes perfect for both adults and children. A tackle kit is included. We caution patron to be mindful of when and where a fishing license is required.

A Go Pro is a handy, portable, and durable action camera that can be mounted to your head, chest, and wrists to capturing spontaneous moments on the go.

Using a Go Pro

iPads are tablet PC made by Apple. Our iPads come pre-loaded with a variety of apps for reading, word processing, photography, education, games, social media and more.

Creative iPads are also available that come loaded with a variety of design software that includes: Procreate, FD Mobile, and Affinity – Professional Creative Software.

Using a iPad

For more helpful iPad basics tutorials please visit

A 360 cameras feature multiple lenses on one camera body. The camera has a field of view that covers approximately the entire sphere or at least a full circle in the horizontal plane.

Using the Kodak 360 Video Camera

Mobile Wi-Fi hotspots are devices that allows you to connect your enabled devices (e.g. laptop, smartphones, tablets, etc.) to the internet. The hotspot is portable so you can connect your device almost wherever you go.

Using a Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspots

  1. Turn hotspot on by holding power button for 3 seconds.
  2. On your enabled device select Wi-Fi by going into Settings or by finding the Network icon
  3. Choose Library_Hotspot_,then select Connect
  4. Type in password located on the back of the case, and select Next

In partnership with Ontario Parks, the Library loans commercial day use vehicle permits. Patrons can borrow an Ontario Parks Pass, which provides access for one vehicle and its occupants to more than 100 provincial parks. 

Have the winter blahs? Try our tabletop therapy sun lamp - 15 minutes is all you need! Patrons can borrow a sun lamp for up to three weeks. 

Our walking poles can be used during all seasons and are adjustable to your height. Walking poles are loaned for a three-week period.