Get a Card

Resident and Collingwood Taxpayers

Residents and property owners in the Town of Collingwood are entitled to full membership at the Collingwood Public Library. To receive your Library card you need to confirm your Collingwood address; a driver’s license or bill (e.g. tax, utility) is appropriate.

Members of the Library may have up to 25 items out on their account at one time.


A non-resident membership is valid for one year and must be renewed on the anniversary of the initial registration date. The annual membership is $120 per year and covers all family members. Payment may be made in full or installments.

Non-resident memberships may have up to 40 items out on their record at one time.


Any student who attends school within Collingwood, but resides outside of Town is eligible for a free student membership. Children and young adults between the ages of four (4) and fifteen (15) must have their membership co-signed by a caregiver. Secondary school students may be asked to present a valid student card when registering.

Student members may have 25 items out on their account at one time.


Visitors to Collingwood may establish a visitor’s membership by presenting identification confirming their home address. You will also need to provide details of your temporary address while in the Collingwood area. A visitor’s membership is $20 per month, valid from the date of purchase, and may be renewed monthly.

Visitors may have up to 25 items out on their account at one time.


Institutional memberships are for anyone who works within Collingwood, but resides outside of Town. An application form must be completed, along with the signature of the business owner or head of your organization. The annual membership fee is $35 per year. 

Institutional members may have up to 25 items out on their account at one time.

Grey Highlands

Your non-resident fee is paid by the Municipality of Grey Highlands. To receive your Collingwood Public Library card, present proof of address at the Public Services desk.  

Grey Highlands members may have up to 25 items on their account at one time.