Our Story

In some form or another, the Collingwood Public Library has existed since 1856, when the Collingwood Mechanics’ Institute and Library Association began with 700 volumes. In 1896, a free public library was opened under a Board of Management, at the corner of Ontario and Ste. Marie streets.

Andrew Carnegie worked in the steel industry when the railroads were making their mark on the landscape. When he retired in 1901, he sold Carnegie Steel Company for $500,000,000 and began making philanthropic donations to public libraries. With a $12,500 grant, The Collingwood Carnegie Library opened in 1904. Sadly, as a result of arson, this building succumbed to a fire in 1963.

What was then considered the “new” Collingwood Library was built at the corner of Second and Maple streets, and remained there from 1964 to 2010. Outgrowing that space, the Library moved to its current location on Ste. Marie in 2010, where we continue to serve our wonderful community.

Postcard of the Collingwood Carnegie Library
Photo of Collingwood Public Library at its current location at Ste. Marie and Simcoe streets.


Our Values

  • Accessibility
  • Compassion
  • Diversity
  • Innovation
  • Respect

Our Mission

Collingwood Public Library opens a world of possibilities – embracing information, learning, knowledge, and technology, while serving the evolving needs of our dynamic community.

Our Vision

The Collingwood Public Library will promote positive community transformation by providing equitable access to innovative services, while continuing to offer opportunities for learning, connecting, and discovery.